Welcome to the Experience Age

But What Happened to Plain Old Info?

We are currently in what some are calling,“The Experience Age” – an age defined by Snapchat videos and not Facebook status updates; a vestige of the previous “Information Age.” According to Tech Crunch, the age of information was defined by accumulation; forming your digital identity through the sum of your texts, pictures, videos, and blogs. But, “The Experience Age” is about broadcasting in the moment.

The Internet is everywhere now– not just on our computer screens; mobile phones and applications have changed the way we interact and the way we represent ourselves online.

Take Snapchat for example - you snap, your friends watch and sometimes chat and then it vanishes. It’s all about the visual experience– not hoarding information for later consumption. This experience only lives on your phone and not in a status update or a computer at all - The Information reported that original Facebook updates are down 21 percent.

The current Internet climate is no longer dependent upon letting people know who you are through your profile, that job has been taken over by the likes of Snapchat live and other apps like Periscope. Facebook and other companies like it are very aware of this change and are investing in virtual reality and 360° cameras.

Companies like Airtime (a mobile app that let’s groups interact through live video and even share music and content) and Magic Leap’s, A New Morning, (which will one day let you superimpose holograms over the real world like you’re in Minority Report) are leading the charge on taking your experience to the next level. The focus has left information and is now on capturing and immersing oneself in the moment. The lines between online and offline are blurring as we enter into a new technological future.

Want to know more about innovation in the experience age? Watch this cool video we found.


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