Taylor Rosenthal Teen Entrepreneur

Teen Entrepreneur Turns Down a $30M Buyout Offer

His vending machines reimagine sports medicine.

When’s the last time your 8th grade project attracted the attention of angel investors? This teenage first baseman created a tech start-up with his teammates’ health in mind. RecMed, his line of first aid kit vending machines, is starting to take off.

Taylor Rosenthal tells CNN Money that at baseball tournaments he’d notice “that kids would get hurt and parents couldn’t find a band-aid.” He wanted to find a solution.

Initially he wanted to hire medics, but realized the cost was too high. So, Taylor sought a different model. After sketching designs and consulting experts (his parents), Rosenthal enlisted a technology usually reserved for chips and candy - a vending machine.

RecMed users pick from two first aid options.  There are prepackaged kits - for issues like “sun burns, cuts, blisters and bee stings - and individual supplies - think: “band-aids, rubber gloves, hydrocortisone wipes and gauze pads.”  Kit prices range from $5.99 to $20 depending on the customer’s needs.

Rosenthal hopes that RecMed machines will deploy this fall in “high-traffic areas for kids."  Six Flags amusement parks has heard the call and has already ordered 100 machines.

Additionally, Rosenthal has raised over $100,000 from angel investors. Somebody offered to buy his idea for $30 million, but he smoothly rejected it. This is Rosenthal’s baby and he “spends every minute outside of school working on RecMed.” Rosenthal’s enthusiastic passion for building a business and helping others has turned him into a bonafide teenage entrepreneur.


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