Tabu Flo

Dancing Their Way to a Better Uganda.

‘Tabu Flo’ in Uganda means rhythmic chaos — and a group of phenomenon, self taught, break dancers from Uganda are taking this phrase to new grounds.

Their dance method is an entertaining mixture of highly acrobatic break dance and traditional Ugandan dance. “We used to do a lot of traditional dances from Uganda, but we wanted some dynamics, so head spinning and [break dancing] was attractive,” said Tabu Flo member, Abdul Kinyenya.

The group met at the Sharing Youth Center in Kampala, as part of an organization called Breakdance Project Uganda. They credit this organization with introducing them to their beloved art form and keeping them out of trouble. Today, they continue the project’s mission by teaching free classes and empowering the next generation of Breakers.

Two ‘Tabu Flo’ members learned that they could dance during church services, where according to the group, dance is very big. “Dance in church has a lot of attraction for the young people,” said Tabu Flo member Philip Buyi.

Other members of Tabu Flo met at the mosque, “So it is a fusion of religions, but all focusing on dance as the magnet,” said Kinyenya, “and then the ladies came in with a different flavor.”

By the ladies, he is referring to the group’s two female members. When asked what it is like to be part of a male dominated group, member Viccy Namuyomba, commented that they had to “double their efforts to match up with the guys,” but at the end of the day, the group is a team.

In case you haven't seen their urban dance, check them out!


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