Milk Makeup

Milk: Makeup for Modern Women

Catering to the Unique Needs of Women.

The brains behind Milk Studios have decided to get into makeup, and they have one girl... or rather several similar girls in mind.  According to Vogue, Milk’s protogirl is “a creative type with an impactful but laid?back, semi?androgynous sort of style.” Milk Makeup’s website doesn’t even espouse the usual beauty terminology like “foundation,” or “concealer.”

With products like Sunshine Oil, Cooling Water, and Ubame mascara (“a signature blend of ubame oak charcoal and sapphire dust for added dimension”), the brand believes its “multifunctional, high?tech formulas are built for the girl on the go who spends less time getting done up, more time getting stuff done.”  As you might expect, Milk Makeup Co?founder Georgie Greville believes that girl on the go to be just about “every girl [she] know[s] in New York.”  Instagram It Girls Saada Ahmed and Emily Bador, and collage artist and model Dayna Marie Christison are just a few included in the fold.

Describing the vision behind Milk Makeup, Greville adds “It’s this idea that the less makeup you wear, the sexier you are.” Milk gets it. They’re not offering products hoping to transform their customer into someone else. They’ve found their woman, met her exactly where she is, and created products to accommodate her beauty and lifestyle needs.

With its curated bevy of busy beauties, Gen Milk, Milk Makeup seems ahead of the curve in terms of reaching its audience with relevance and urgency. It’s not the only brand revising society’s ideas around women’s relationships to makeup.

Brands like Stowaway Cosmetics with its minimalist packaging designed for women who are “busy and... doing big things;” Eyeko with its eye products “iconic zero-waste squeeze tubes” designed to take you from your “your morning workout to work meeting to post-work fun,” and Nails Inc. with its forthcoming spray nail polish, are all aiming to better understand and represent the modern woman.  She meeting hops, globe trots, and still has time to catch a deep OM. She could take makeup or leave it, but when she takes it, you’d best believe it works with and for her, not against her.

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