Museum of Ice Cream

I Scream, You Scream!

Bring Back the Museum of Ice Cream.

Were you one of the lucky ones that was able to visit New York's Museum of Ice Cream this summer?

The 30,000 tickets for the event, which originally costed either $18 (one ticket, a "single") or $30 (two tickets, a "double") for adults, sold out in only five days. One ticket buys you one scoop of ice cream and a one-hour window to explore the space, and according to the museum's website, experiencing the museum should, ideally, only take 20 minutes. So, what's the fuss really all about?

This museum passion project, created by 24-year old Maryellis Bunn and co-created by Manish Vora, is, at its heart, a feast for your eyes, and, most prominently, for your Instagram and Snapchat accounts. It's intended to be a "like"-able and shareable experience, and it succeeds: After the project's third full day of opening, the #museumoficecream hashtag surpassed 1,300 Instagram posts. And it's easy to see why.

Guests were able to swallow helium from balloons composed of heated sugar, add a scoop of ice cream (which looks like ice cream, but is actually just vegetable shortening and sugar) to a massive bowl, with the mission of creating the "World's Largest Ice Cream Sundae," and immersed themselves in a chocolate room, equipped with a chocolate bean-bag in the middle and a chocolate fountain, which is really just there for looks. And, true to a real museum, 32 artists filled a room with ice cream-inspired works, and some of the works (like the ice cream scooper seesaw) are rideable. The museum's coolest and most Instagram-worthy attraction, however, is the rainbow sprinkle swimming pool.

Composed of 11,000 pounds of multi-colored, sprinkle-sized pieces of plastic, the swimming pool is a 3-foot-deep, childhood dream come true, and it's what guests seem to love the most.

Lynn Do, a Brooklyn-based fashion blogger lucky enough to visit the museum on its third day, recalled feeling like a child again. Of the pool, she said, "there were moments where I was like, 'Why do I enjoy this pool full of different-colored beads so much?' It's just that, but so much more - it played out every fantasy I ever had as a 6-year old."

The Museum of Ice Cream was a project, a playground, and a guaranteed social media phenomenon. If you missed out on the opportunity to visit, there's really no need to worry: Instagam is teeming with photos and videos of all the attractions, especially the swimming pool, so you can feast with your eyes from the comfort of your phone screen (while enjoying your favorite local soft-serve). Alternatively, we can scream for more ice cream and hope they bring it back this summer!


If you were able to visit the museum last summer, share your experience with us!


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