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How You’ll Shop in the Future

What Supermarkets of The Future Have in Store.

Imagine going into your local Trader Joe’s expecting a greeting from your favorite Hawaiian-shirted grocery clerk. Instead, you are greeted by large machines and computer screen displays. Carlo Ratti Associati - an Italian design firm - wants that to be the future of your supermarket experience. In fact, they designed a concept shop for Expo Milano last year to show their vision.

Carlo Ratti's vision includes products displayed on large open tables, and mechanical arms grabbing items for you, and similarly keeping shelves stocked and organized.

Product information - such as your produces origin, nutritional value, and even carbon footprint - would be on transparent screens. It’s a novel idea, especially in an era where consumers are demanding more sustainable products and transparency. How awesome would it be to not have to decipher all the ingredients on the back of your favorite snack? How exciting to know exactly where your organic strawberries originated?

But, what about that favorite grocery clerk?

Every year there is an article projecting how many jobs are headed to extinction. In a world where everything from college to housing is getting more expensive, the prospect of losing critical jobs is not the future many may want to see. The lead designer had this to say,

Design is about how the world could be, it’s about thinking how to transform the present into a future we like.

 But, do we like this future?


Tommy Lira

I can't wait for the future to be here already!


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