A Pick-Me-Up Better Than Coffee

Meet Daybreaker co-founder Matt Brimer

In cities across the world, people are waking up and heading to downtown warehouses for a little pre-work ritual, a massive AM dance party. The mission behind the initiative known as Daybreaker is to kick off your day in a positive, healthy, and fun way - meaning with DJs, green juices, and lots of amateur dance moves! We caught up with Matt Brimer, one of the masterminds behind this new cultural phenomenon to find out how Daybreaker is taking over the globe.

Q: How did the idea come about?

We didn’t have any idea that it would grow this big and this strong. It was based around myself and my co-founder Radha and our growing frustration around a lot of the traditional nightlife in New York. Sort of lamenting about how people didn’t dance much anymore. Nightlife and going out we felt was sort of about the wrong. It can feel dark and negative and unhealthy. We’re also thinking about the morning space and how we’re looking to be healthier and be more conscious. You see the rise in yoga, meditation, green juice, living more consciously, being more healthy. We were seeing that too and we thought what if we could put together an experiment to start people’s day in the best way possible. What would that be? What would that look like? We put together this experience and ended up calling it Daybreaker. What if this was a way to begin your day? There’s already nightlife. What about morning life? So it all began as an experiment to start peoples’ days in the best way possible.


Q: When was your first event?

Did the first one in December 2013 in the basement of a place called coffee shop in Manhattan. We had 150 people show up and it was just the most wonderful positive smiling vibe that we’d ever seen before at an event. So it really worked and people loved it. we kept going, we did more, we did once a month in NY and got it up to twice a month in NY. Then we expanded to San Francisco and LA and London and now we’re in about 8 cities around the world where we’re running Daybreaker anywhere from every 2 weeks to once a month in those cities.


Q: How do people find out about this?

It’s still sort of underground and secretive. If you go to and put in your email address and sign up there and check whichever cities they live in or are part of, we’ll send them an invite of whenever we’re doing an event in their city. Or they can check Facebook, we post most of our events there.

Q: Do you host in the same venue every time?

We’ll come back to venues that we like but we never do two of the same venues in a row. We always have different DJs, different musicians and a surprise performance at the end – you might get a spoken word poet, you might get a singer/songwriter, you might get a story-teller, you might get an incredible speaker. There are always surprise mini-experiences throughout the whole show.


Q: What are some of your craziest Daybreaker experiences you’ve had so far?

We’ve had a 200-person hug spontaneously happen on the dance floor – in Brooklyn at one of our events. Also we jump in as vegetable super-hero costumes as a joke. Super sprouts – we always jump in our vegetable costumes as mascots, which is always a real crowd pleaser. We did a john Lennon “Let it be” music video with UNICEF where we had 900 people on a boat singing “Let it be” with a gigantic helicopter above the boat filming while we sang the song. And it was the first time Yoko Ono ever let the song be used for the public. And that was very cool.


Q: Is there an admission charge?

Tickets are usually $20-$25. We sometimes will offer pre dance party yoga the hour before the dance party begins for an extra $15. Once you’re inside, everything is free – free coffee, tea, juices, photobooths. We don’t serve any alcohol -- it’s all totally healthy so you are only putting good things in your body with good vibes so by the time it’s done you go to work and you feel amazing.


Q: What cites is Daybreaker currently happening in?

All over the globe! Now we’re in NY, LA, San Fran, Brazil, and London. The goal is to keep expanding it and grow internationally.



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