avocado and lemon

7 New Urban Life Hacks

On Some Days, the Struggle is Real.

There are days when you just need a straight shot to feeling on top. From your mood to your phone, here are a few workarounds.

1. Shave your clothes.

Thought shaving was just for your body? No, friends. You can also shave clothes where the material has started bobbling.  Your sweaters will feel smooth and soft to the touch as soon as you've taken a razor to them - and it will save you having to buy a new wardrobe.

2. Let Beyonce jump-start your memory.

Research shows that we associate certain songs with certain memories. So, next time you’re exploring a new city and don't want to forget the return route, listen to a tune that can jog your memory later. To simplify, choose song titles or lyrics that link back to the thing you want to remember.

3. Know your avocado.

Smashed avocado is still having a heyday as the hipster food of the moment. But avocados go bad pretty quickly. Got half an avocado languishing in your fridge? Put half a lemon on it to keep it ripe and you’ll have the edgiest fridge in town -- and be the brunch go-to in your crew.

4. Build a DIY portable phone charger.

Having your phone run out of juice when on-the-go sucks. And portable chargers don't come cheap. So why not make your own? All you need is a battery box, AA batteries, a cell phone cord and a 1A diode.  Sound good? Here are step-by-step directions.

5. Recycle your toilet roll into an amplification device.

“Waste not, want not” as they say. Use the cardboard tubes from your toilet rolls to make a device that amplifies the volume of your cell phone speakers. So wherever there's a bathroom, there’s a party. More details here.

6. Sort your Monday out. On Friday.

The feeling of starting the week without a plan is as depressing as starting the weekend with work-guilt hanging over you. The simple solution is to get everything sorted for Monday as your final task on the Friday. It will give you the mental freedom to relax on the weekend and the confidence to get right back into it when the week begins again.

7. Get a travel credit card.

Want to adventure across Europe, but are struggling to save? Get a travel credit card, like Chase Sapphire Preferred, Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card or United Explorer. Each transfers points that can be redeemed on flights and accommodations for every dollar you spend on food or drink. The life hack if you're trying to vacation without risking bankruptcy.


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